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I am glad to have become a qualified chartered accountant by profession which has helped me to serve my clients the way I have dreamed. With over 15 years of experience in field of accounting, I have worked with various small and medium businesses; gaining valuable insight and wealth of knowledge. I am your trusted personal accountant and business adviser.

Accountant: Accounting has been my passion and I am very glad to have taken the journey of professional accountant. Being a qualified chartered accountant and fellow member of chartered certified accountant, I am able to live my dream of serving my clients and I get great satisfaction when I am able to create success stories for them.

Consultant: With many years of working experience as an accountant in commercial and practice environment as well as having experience in an academic field in the early years of my professional life, I am now well equipped with vast knowledge and skills. I am confident as well as enthusiastic to transfer them to the benefits of my clients as a consultant.

Advisor: I am in the advisory board of GCEngland and proud member of ACCA Harrow Practitioner’s Panel Network supporting and promoting the ACCA brand and values.

Entrepreneur: I believe in having the dream and taking the risks to achieve it. I have been involved in many projects beyond my own practice which have led to job creation and supported local economy.

Award –Winner: I am blessed to be recognised by the peers and various external judges by being nominated and winning in many areas of business and practice. These can be found in details by following this link.

You can read more about my career on LinkedIn.

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